PA Equipment.


... that you will not only hear, but also feel with our INVOTONE® sound equipment!

Mixers for every needs, monitors, passive and active speakers as well as powerful subwoofers make the event  impressive  that also sounds great! In  plus, we offer the right equipment for your studio, vocals / speech and sound processing. From a small party to a big event - with INVOTONE® you have the right partner.

PA speakers

Good sound is a passion. We understand that!

With our professional speakers, we offer a wide range for the diverse equirements in the world of sound. Whether for installations, mobile applications, conferences or the "big stage" - INVOTONE® always offers the right solution.


Good power amps need to be reliable and easy and to produce a good sound. This is precisely where INVOTONE® comes in: High-quality, reliable amplifier technology at reasonable prices. So you can concentrate on the essentials and rely on the performance of our power amplifiers.


We offer a selection of analog and digital mixing consoles. These are characterized by high fidelity and excellent features. From the small 5-channel mini mixer to the most modern, digital solution - INVOTONE® is well positioned here.

Cables & Accessories

INVOTONE® sees itself as your partner. And a partner should also offer the "smaill aid". Thanks to our wide range of cables, tripods and accessories, we also offer our customers the right choice here. All our cables are of very high quality and are characterized by robustness and longevity. Also our tripods are high quality, stable and inexpensive.

Headphones & Microphones

From karaoke parties to professional recording studios, the INVOTONE® range of headphones and microphones includes a wide selection. Especially in the field of microphones, we offer everything the audio heart desires: condenser or dynamic, for vocals or instruments. Everyone will find something here.


Give your presentation the right touch. Our devices to improve the sound and control of your PA system are really impressive! Everything is available, from the equalizer and crossovers to the complete speaker management system. Compressor / limiter and headphone amplifiers are also part of our offer.

Certificated & Suggested

Black on white!

We have been committed to maintaining the passion, and putting it into our products to ensure its perfect ratings! We want you to share our enthusiasm as well! Devices at a reasonable price with high performance and very good durability are the target we feel committed!

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100% top customer service

Service as it should be!

We ensure you a fast and friendly handling of your inquiries and orders and, if it comes to the utmost, of course, a swift and unbureaucratic processing of your complaints! In our showroom you can let us take you into the world of innovations with INVOLIGHT®! In addition, we also provide equipment for detailed test. Contact us!

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General Storage

Central stock

Thanks to our large storage capacities, we can guarantee that we have the products ready to be delivered as fast as possible! Even larger quantities are no problem. This relieves your storage!Upon request, we also deliver directly to your customers.

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the dark

Get to know our products in the field of lighting technology.